Gelatin-Based Coating Solution/6950

Gelatin-Based Coating Solution/6950

Catalog Number: 6950

Price: $50.00


Gelatin-Based Coating Solution

Catalog Number: 6950

Price: $50


Gelatin-Based Coating Solution is designed to coat cell culture flasks or dishes. Coat sterile culture dishes or flasks with Gelatin-Based Coating Solution for 10-15 min and then aspirate the excess solution before seeding cells. The use of coated-flasks improves cell attachment for certain types of primary cells.

Storage Condition

Store the solution at 2-8°C.


Ice Pack.

Authorized Uses of Cell Biologics Products

Gelatin-Based Coating Solution from Cell Biologics is distributed for in vitro research purposes only. Our products are not authorized for human use, for in vitro diagnostic procedures, or for therapeutic procedures.  Transfer or resale of any Cell Biologics’ cells or products from the purchaser to other markets, organizations or individuals is prohibited by Cell Biologics without the company’s written consent. Cell Biologics’ Terms and Conditions must be accepted before submitting an order.

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Custom Primary Cell Isolation

Mouse Primary Endothelial Cell Isolation

Mouse Primary Epithelial Cell Isolation

Primary Tumor-Derived Endothelial or Epithelial Cell Isolation


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Mouse Tumor Endothelial Cells

Mouse Tumor-Associated Endothelial Cells (Human Breast Cancer Origin)

Mouse Tumor-Associated Endothelial Cells (Human Cervical Cancer Origin)

Mouse Adenocarcinoma (Human Lung-Origin) Epithelial Cells

Endothelial Cell Media (Glucose and Phenol Red Free)

Cell culture Media (Phenol Red Free)

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